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Vimsson offers end-to-end solution for your business development process – From concept to realization. We covers all aspect of business development. It starts from product design, product features, identifying potential markets, establishing effective business channel, opinion making and then successful business operation. We creates long-term values for our customers from their respective customers, market and relationship. We guide the client to understand the Building a Business in new markets. We advise the client to ensure the feasibility of the business. We support in commercial, managerial and management related areas. We ensure smooth functioning of business. Our pro-active approach makes business development smooth, growth oriented and valuable.

Vimsson is strong in making International business alliance suitable for your business needs. Our thorough evaluation gives perfect match-making for your growing business. We have expertise to build complete channel-partners network. We take care of training and management of international alliance as well as channel partners network.

Vimsson offers complete service package in Export sales & Marketing – Pre-launching, Launching and post launching. This includes from concept to realization. Export sales needs variety of skills & expertise. Every market is unique. Our tailor made approaches are specially designed for your success. We have extra emphasis on communication and promotion. At the end of the day Vimsson is definitely much more competitive than your own marketing. If you are looking for smart growth in your export sales then Vimsson is the right source for you. Contact today !

Our IT team is capable enough to meet variety of your IT demands. If you need any IT solution then contact Vimsson today !

Vimsson has expertise in lobbying and opinion making. We have vast network of opinion makers. We offers well designed opinion based business process which guarantee your strategic success.

Vimsson offers very effective services in Project marketing. We are specialized in project communication, liaison and coordination. Decision making after combining all dots together to move forward is our speciality.

All Services
  • Market identification and information.
  • Market analysis.
  • Market development.
  • Entry strategy.
  • Launching & Establishment in the market.
  • Identification of most suitable and resourceful importer / distributor.
  • Identifying new business collaborators / customers.
  • Search and matching of business partners.
  • Recruiting /replacement of agents, distributors and retailers.
  • Product development and then launch /introduction to new markets.
  • Corporate presentation to prospective customers.
  • Brand image building.
  • Channel Effectiveness Enhancement.
  • Customer development.
  • Bridged the gap between suppliers and their customers. Its source-to-source management.
  • Developing distributor and their personnel.
  • Guidance and full scale Sales & Marketing support to the channels partners.
  • Convert channel partners into a highly charged team for maximum output.
    Direct sales.
  • Techno-commercial liaison.
  • Co-ordination.
  • Follow-ups.
  • Chasing.
  • Customer processing.
  • Research on trade fairs, establishment of fair profiles and exhibition support.
  • Promotions & participation is exhibition.
  • Advertisement in magazine & media.
  • Personalized evaluation of possibilities for sales & marketing.
  • Complete Business Development with support & services. (end-to-end).
  • Promotion of new equipment & technologies.
  • Product promotions.
  • Participation in global tenders.
  • Bidding strategy.
  • Technical presentations.
  • Promote small & medium manufacturers & show them new market.
  • Technology transfers.
  • Joint ventures.
  • Contract execution & general business administration.
  • Arrangement of foreign delegation & overall co-ordination for their meetings with respective clients.
  • Constant review & Reporting on Industrial progress, economy, foreign investment & policies.
  • technical tie-ups & collaborations on specific markets.
  • Vendor development & management.
  • Establishing Source Contacts.
  • Locating Right Suppliers.
  • Quality Control and Physical Inspection, Negotiating Terms, Product delivery.
  • Developing customers for various businesses.
  • Executing complete process of business Strategy for competitive trade.
  • Closely liaison with financial Institutions, leading consultants, project promoters, leading industrial groups and all related avenues to promote and develop business.
  • Complete arrangements for your business needs.