Our approach
Vimsson is methodical and direct in its approach for the success for our clients. Our approaches are based on our knowledge, vast experience & contacts.
Our experience
Vimsson has many years of rich & versatile experience in International business. The combination of our knowledge, experience & contacts offers you the ocean of opportunity & success.
Our operating
Vimsson is not limited by any specific product or any particular territory. Vimsson is Global company with capacity to offer Marketing services in variety of industries.
We offers our best outsourcing services for

Complete Business Development

Vimsson offers end-to-end solution for your business development process – From concept to realization.

Software Development Outsourcing

Our IT team is capable enough to meet variety of your IT demands. If you need any IT solution then contact Vimsson today !

International business alliance

Vimsson is strong in making International business alliance suitable for your business needs.


Vimsson has expertise in lobbying and opinion making. We have vast network of opinion makers.

Export Sales & Marketing

Vimsson offers complete service package in Export sales & Marketing – Pre-launching, Launching and post launching.

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Project Marketing

Vimsson offers very effective services in Project marketing. We are specialized in project communication, liaison and coordination.

We’re all working together, that’s the secret.


About Us
Vimsson Marketing is active in providing its world class and knowledge based outsourcing services in the areas of Business Development, Sales & Marketing and much more in International Business. It has presence in many countries.Hardcore & versatile experience in International Business stands behind the success of Vimsson Marketing.Our approach combines the best of rigorous analytical elements used by our resources, a pragmatism originating from local experience and extensive knowledge base of market dynamics. Our experience from working on several complex issues across numerous industries has helped us to build a wealth of continually evolving business knowledge. Our operating ethos is based around providing value through high quality consulting while maintaining ethics of the highest order. We are simple, flexible, transparent and direct in Business development and marketing.
We organize our own business to achieve very high levels of Consultation and partner utilization, low overheads and highly competitive rates. We lay heavye mphasis on ethics while selling our services, collecting data, analyzing data and recommending solutions in all our dealings inside and outside our organization. The ultimate objective of all our working is to increase shareholder’s value. If you have higher ambition to grow then we are the right connection for you.
President’s Words
We believe in innovations, result in improving service delivery, efficiency of operations, save costs, help environment to
enhance share value of our partners.
Our experience extends across a wide
range of industries